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CBD, Hemp, and Marijana

You've probably heard the buzz about the popular cannabinoid CBD (cannabidiol) that is the center point of the exponentially growing market that is Hemp. 

But are you aware of the differences between Hemp and Marijuana? How about the similarities?

Let us back up for a second. Both Hemp and Marijuana are classifications of Cannabis. The key, distinctive difference between the two is the amount of a cannabinoid/molecule found in the plant called Delta-9 THC. This popular cannabinoid is the molecule that makes Marijuana famous for it's ability to create euphoric and psychoactive responses that we humans feel when it is consumed. ...That's fancy lingo for getting high. Stoned. Frosted. Lit up. Baked. Torched. 

The legal definition of Hemp is a cannabis plant that has less than 0.3% of Delta-9 THC in its detectable make-up.

Granted, much of the Hemp that is grown, harvested and manufactured into CBD products today is scientifically bred and grown to be very high in CBD, it still shares extremely similar chemical makeup to that of its federally illegal cousin, Marijuana. Although it doesn't obtain the intoxicating Delta-9, it shares many, many other cannabinoids and an otherwise extremely similar molecular make-up.

Which brings up the interesting idea that Marijuana is often used in a medical sense as well as recreationally. The Delta-9 THC cannabinoid certainly has its benefits with creating that euphoric feeling that is often described and associated with relaxation and tension relief, but the rest of the chemical makeup in the plant; the other cannabinoids and terpenes (that Hemp shares with it) also have potential therapeutic properties. There are copious amounts of research indicating that the other cannabinoids outside Delta-9 (mainly CBD) provide beneficial effects within the human body.

The benefit of Hemp and more acutely, CBD, is that these potentially beneficial responses can be provided without the psychoactive reaction and the federal illegality that come with Marijuana. 

Many of us prefer the high that Marijuana provides, but oftentimes it is an overwhelming experience. CBD and Hemp can provide the potential health benefits that one seeks in Cannabis without altering our state of consciousness and potentially making a bad situation worse.

Personally, when I step back and think about how marijuana is used medicinally; on the most basic of levels, CBD and hemp share so much of the same benefits. 

A God-given plant that is easily reproduced and carries therapeutic benefits.

What a world we live in.


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